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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thankful - Jesus

Today is what was called "All Saints Day" in the previous centuries.  When I was 9 my grandmother had a stroke in Church and died later that day.  (Having said years before - she wanted to go first and fast)
On that day in 1959 she joined the Saints around the throne.

Today is the beginning of my THANKFUL MONTH -

I am sitting in the quiet of my den and thinking back over the previous 11 months with full knowledge  and a heart full of gratitude for all I have to be thankful for.

J.O.Y.  Jesus On my journeY -- Jesus giving me strength.  Jesus in the lives and love of so many people who cared for my needs daily.

Two weeks ago when I was having my weekly doctor visit - a seasoned seventy-year old, Dr. Cibola,  was taking the place of Dr. Nyugen, my radiation doctor.  He was talking about the connection of the mind - our spirit and our body and how they communicate to each other in the healing process.  I said, the faith component has been a strong force in my life of healing.  At this point he visually relaxed and asked - "WHAT DO PEOPLE DO WITHOUT JESUS?"  and then shared how if he lived our died he got to be with Jesus.
At that point we swapped our faith stories.  Another sign that Jesus had led me to a great place of medical help and hope.

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