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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thankful for Campbell

This year's superhero CAMPBELL CATWOMAN


HOPE became our word during all those months of waiting for you to arrive. .  .

We came to know you then as the active little baby in the womb who would have dance parties in  every night.

You taught us how to grandparent as we delighted in every antic and new acomplishment you achieved.

You never cease to amaze Pappa and me as you come up with some deep thought or question that baffles us.  You approach each day with lots of determination and nowhere is it more evident than in watching you play soccer.

You love tea parties, playing in the sand castle, riding your scooter, writing and superheroes.
 We remember your early superheroes -- Joshua was your favorite as a little one and we had to listen to "Joshua Fought the Battle" over and over.
You can sing every line of Frozen

You're the big sister who loves to look out for Sydney and Jack -- and even enjoy the bossing -- LOL.  Sydney watches you for cues as to what to do next - Jack giggles at everything you do.

We love you to the moon and back Campbell Hope Good!

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