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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Refreshed and Renewed

The week stays busy -- and then on the weekend - I get to catch up with what really matters -- MY FAMILY and CHURCH.  

Clara & Daddy sharing some "You and Me Time"
Needing some rocking and cuddle time with this little gal.  Our CO kids are transitioning so well into parenthood.

Terry and I got to have the three little Goodlets yesterday for a play day while Bethany and Mat were in CA for his medical conference.

They are in such capable hands with Bethany McCloud and her sister, Hannah -- but we wanted to give them a break and have a play date.  It's at these times when I look into the face of any of my four grandbabies that I get anchored -- knowing what the true essence of life is.  Capturing these moments are such wonderful memories makers for us and for them.

Papa did Preschool Pumpkin Patch this week with Campbell's Redeemer Covenant class of "Frogs"
He jumped at the idea to do this with her for some special time together and to have a lunch date.
She got to ride a horse for the first time, feed the critters and go with Papa to Chick Fil A.  True to form for T, they made up silly songs about eating chicken on a bun, having fun.
I love grandparenting with that man!

Campbell making her "thank you" leaves for this year's Thank-You tree.  Feeling a little tender as she was really missing mom and Dad -- they were first on her leaf.
Jack discovers the toy box and was delighted at what he found

We got grins all day from this little guy -- 
what a happy camper when his sisters are near

Sydney was all about make believe this weekend and would play for the longest talking to all her little people in her "barn"house.

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