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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thankful for forgiveness

I didn't quite know how I would put it all into perspective about forgiveness until we approached time in worship for communion and T leaned over and said - "Can you take it today?  I didn't schedule anyone"   

The Supper is a favorite time for me and I love to speak about it.

Communion is a forgiveness feast and this beginning of Advent, I got to kick off the salvation story with the meaning of why the baby came - to make a way for us to be fit for Heaven.
Every week we get to celebrate that -- But what better time than the first day of Advent to remember anew that for the baby in the manager - there was still the cross looming in the distance.  

FORGIVENESS:  being set right - having all our sins and mistakes and bad decisions and down right selfish, self-serving acts wiped clean -- totally forgotten by God so that when HE looks at us HE sees

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