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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Focus - My Word for Now

I love it when a lesson comes together!  This morning I was sort of numb and foggy -- As I was thinking through the day's activities, I felt clueless as to what we would do in Youth Alive.  I needed a word -- a seed thought to trigger a discussion among this lunch bunch.

I prayed a hurried request and then went about getting ready for school.

As I was drying my hair -- a question came to pose to this group of young believers:

"If you were hanging out with Jesus, where would you go? 

"If you were on HIS turf - where would HIS favorite spot be to take you?"

Lastly, thinking about how preoccupied they are on their phones,
"What does he have to do to get your attention?"  

At first they gave me "preachy" answers --- like "CHURCH" or  "The Mountains" --  then  one guy said "the water -- either walking on it or sailing it."

I explained that when we were in Israel several years ago, walking where Jesus walked, in all the touristy spots I just couldn't feel him close.   I looked for a special place that would seem as it was in Jesus day.  Every holy site had a church erected over it -- or stalls selling souvenirs positioned where Jesus taught and lived.  It was only when we got onto a boat and sailed off from shore on the Sea of Galilee that I actually felt that the view from the boat was possibly the same view Jesus would have had of the shoreline.  It was there on that trip that I felt I was seeing things as HE did.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tis the Season!

Jim and Jan hosted Thanksgiving weekend for the entire Bell/Good clan.  There were littles everywhere and huggin and laughing all around!

The big cousins looked after the little ones in the sweetest ways!

ustomer reviews

My Christmas gift wish was for pictures of our five grands!  I asked Bethany to make it happen and I headed to Carter's to find matching outfits for the kiddos.

Pawpaw and his boys!
This is my favorite pic of the two of us!  

I decorated the mantle with the stockings my mom had made years ago and a Christmas tree created by Dot Edwards.

Our annual trip to the Nutcracker

We spent Christmas Eve at Bethany and Mat's and enjoyed watching 3 little Goodletts open what Santa left.  (the few things they hadn't discovered Christmas Eve morning in Daddy's office).

Tuesday we got up and decided this Nana and Pawpaw needed to head to CO to see those sweet babies.  Being Charlie's first Christmas, We didn't want to miss it.    We loaded up the dogs, got lots of warm clothes and blankets as the forecast was for COOOOLD temperatures.  

It was the best Christmas ever!

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Just when I thought my word for this season was BEHOLD --

Something I read in one of my morning e-devos caught my thoughts for several days --
"What you are BEHOLDING -- will take HOLD of you."
That left me with a desire to truly BEHOLD this baby who came as the ULTIMATE GIFT.

Campbell gave us another -- GLORY.

We were sitting at lunch last Saturday and she and her Papa were having a "quiz me" time about the birth of Jesus.  Back and forth their questions went -- and she came up with one --
"What's a G-word from the birth of Jesus?"  Of course you'd expect her to be thinking "GOD" -- she was excited that she had us stumped for awhile.

Isn't this season all about GLORY --

Bringing GLORY to HIM who created a plan that would gift us a tiny baby whose life as a GOD-man would change our eternity.

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