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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Gardening, Grand Kids, and Celebrations!

                                                            I've spent lots of time outdoors in the past 2 weeks.
My classroom has no windows and I virtually spend 9 months indoors.  Gardening is my "go-to" in the summer for reviving my spirit and renewing my energy.
Our irises this year were the most prolific ever!!!


The end of school is always a full calendar for our family. Terry and I are finishing up semesters --his OKWU ones run all year every five weeks and the little ones have lots of activities.

Sydney graduated from Preschool at Redeemer Covenant Preschool  - her words she "wants to be a queen when she
grows up so she can ride in a carriage and wear fancy clothes."

Dance Recitals

  and A visit from Grammy and Grandad
On SaturdayJune 2 we had a "Nana's Out of School Party" complete with 'slip n' slide' water shooters and water balloons.  We even had cake (a big deal to the 3 Goodletts -- one they had decorated for their parent's anniversary and we kept the leftovers frozen).
April 22nd Bethany and Mat celebrated 12 years!
When there's a lull and the "B" word (bored) slips out of somebody's mouth -- Nana or Pawpaw thinks up a chore that they can earn money on.  (They carried books downstairs for Pawpaw when he donated his library to a Christian college in Liberia.

Mastering the High Dive in Swimming lessons

Meanwhile in Colorado, two little Bells are growing quickly -- Charlie is walking now and 15 months old.

Charlie masters walking!!!

Clara looks out for Charlie and shares EVERYTHING with him.  They are definitely a team as she nurtures him and he watches her for cues -- Charlie even sits outside Clara's door if she has to go to time out.

Nana has another birthday!!!  
 The sweetest sounds are little ones singing happy birthday to you!

Campbell's 8th Birthday -- a surprise party!

Terry and I were to keep her busy while Momma, Sydney and Jack got everything set up -- we went for ice cream -- opened her packages at our house and then brought her home for the BIG SURPRISE!!!


Campbell is leaving for Camp Kanakuk on Saturday -- her first time at an away camp for the week.
Doing some stitching to help her keep up with all her things.
Lots of summer celebrating --   Father's Day, Katie in July and August holds 3 reasons to celebrate -- Jack, Mat and Clara.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Finishing Strong

It seems that the last 7 weeks of school felt like a whole semester!  My seniors came back from the walk-out break and were DONE!  As teachers to keep them connected and get them graduated. I put off the main meal foods lab they all love and saved the relationship unit that always brings good response until the final days of school.  

Teachers were playing "catch-up" and trying to get everything finished.  Earlier, I had approached our principal, Mark Officer, and suggested a Secretary appreciation day and a Teacher luncheon.  Both meals involved shopping and careful planning with my students helping to carry it out-- My co-workers, Patty and Judi were huge help!!

I measured it a big success as I  heard the comment from one Administrator "I never get to sit and just relax like this" -and saw teachers enjoy the time to laugh and enjoy each other's company over stuffed potatoes,  salad and Patty Mayfield's killer brownies.

My last day of school, June 1st I got a call from my former principal, Matt Roberts, asking if I would stop by the 6th grade center for a presentation.  The 6th graders at Owasso raised $930 at their end-of-the year Dodge Ball game for our family support program which furnishes groceries for families experiencing a shortfall.

My students would  unload my car after a massive $600 shopping trip, assemble grocery boxes and organize for families in need of support

It's been a great year -- the theme of community carried me through as I saw student rise up to help others feel a part of the class.  The feedback I received the last week in response to my question, "What is your take-away from this class?"  was encouraging and gave me a feeling of accomplishment for my year's goals.

Monday, May 21, 2018


MOM -- That name conjures up so many sweet memories.

Growing up in the safe world she and dad created for us . . .
We weren't rich by any means -- but we didn't know it -- our parents were always building a future for us with staking our faith in God and dreams for the future of a Christian education and a purposeful life.

She wasn't mother, mommy or momma -- she was MOM to us.

Family was NUMBER ONE --  being our mom was her only career -- and she wanted to do it well.

Making sure we had skills, a college education, music lessons, and that we knew all the life skills to survive and raise a Godly family.  God came first and knowing him was her main objective.  

We got "sermonettes" on life at the kitchen table.  She wanted us to marry a Christian mate.

She believed we could learn to make anything and if it was broken -- you fixed it and not hurried out to buy another.  She taught my brothers to build -- she taught me to sew.  Sewing for all of us was a way Mom stretched a dollar.  Mom decorated for every season with art she painted, flowers she arranged from her garden or other things she sewed.

Mom loved hearing about Bethany's day at school with her ESL classes of K-5th graders during B's first year of teaching
Mom was so proud of her grands -  on her 83rd and last birthday on earth they all made a special video with her --Casey emceeing it and Marshall changing outfits every time the camera cut out for another view 
Marshall came home from OSU more often her last months -- because he saw her decline.  The grands would stretch out on the couch in her room to watch tv with her and soon she and the kids would be asleep.

These are thoughts of her that are so strong in my mind -- even as it's been so long since I have heard her voice --
She was always there when we got home from school - she believed the first hour that children got home was the most important because a child's whole day would come spilling out.

Standing at the sink drying dishes while she washed - talking over my day. . .  she was always such a good listener.  She heard us.

Her sense of caring reached out to not only her friends but anyone who I mentioned to her going through a difficult time - she would often ask about them later.

Her passion for teaching children about Jesus inspired me to teach Sunday school.

The loving care she gave to my dad for so many years taught us about team work with our spouses and making it through tough times.

Her love deep love for us, her 3 kids and for her 6 grands that she thought were just about perfect.
When she and dad could no longer come visit  -- they took it as their special endeavor to pray for their special six every day.
She couldn't visit us often during those years she cared for dad --
 in 2000 she came for Marshall's graduation.

Mom living with us was such as special time for our family.    She showed us how you face death with courage and a deep faith.

That last Christmas when we wanted to show her the Christmas lights, Mom begged us not to make her go and then thanked us for making her.  Bethany got her all dressed up warm and Terry held her up while he drove her van so she could see a few houses near our house.  

Terry's rule was "Nonnie is the boss and whatever she says goes!"

Some of my own favorite "Mom and Nana" pics

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