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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thankful for My In-Laws - Artie and Wanda

We have spent time in the past month going to Wichita Falls TX twice.  Driving through Burkburnett on our way there brings back so many sweet memories.  Trips there with the kids for holidays years  -- remembering the good times and great meals around their dining room table.

I recall the lessons they taught us by their example of living in the hard times of debilitating illness for Terry's mom -- seeing Pop be such a great caregiver. .  .watching the rythmn of their days.  Mom's greatest joy of singing hymns.  I loved hearing the stories of their life in the military living round the world and the churches they worked with.

The values of hospitality to so many people in all those places . . . caring for the less fortunate . . .
faith in God is evident in the lives of Terry, Candace and David.  My life is richer and fuller and deeper because they raised a son who learned and lives those attributes.

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