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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful for Youth Alive

This is my second lunch bunch -- I enjoy my first lunch kids as well!

It's Thursday and on Thursdays at noon 50-60  kids crowd into my classroom for lunch together and time the Lord.  I can't tell you what this time has done to help me see the future of the Kingdom.  These kids are passionate about making Jesus central in their lives. 
 Every year new kids from many different Christian groups step up to take leadership..  I tell them they are going to be the next leaders of Churches and I couldn't feel more confident.  I've come to know many youth pastors all over Owasso and beyond and love the messages of hope they share with the students on our special -
"Pizza, Pastor and Pop" days.
Right now they are involved in a Food Drive (totally their idea) for 11 families in severe need of meals during the upcoming Holiday weekend.

Students in our 1300+ student body bring canned goods or cash so that we can create boxes of the most delicious food for next weekend.

What you see is only about 1/3 of the canned goods.

Today's update:  
I got the stomach bug and wasn't able to complete today's collections -- the students took over and created a shopping list for what we were lacking.  I met them at the grocery for other items we were still needing.  They are so dedicated to making this happen.

Our closest estimate is 500 cans of food, $390 in cash and lots of other staple items to stock the pantry of these families.  My room is overflowing with all the boxes.

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