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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thankful for Marshall

You've always been the inquisitive, deep thinking, mischievious son that kept us in stitches or asking questions.  We never know where you're coming from -- but it's always a blend of your dry sense of humor and deep sensitivity for others.  

Marshall I'm so thankful for the hard working man that you are.  Whether it was tackling those horrendous medical school tests every six weeks, working your first job as a bag boy at IGA (and all the QT hours) or mastering the drums. You earned an A & P license at Tech, got your private pilot's license at a young age, you have been published many times.  Just like when you were young, you put your whole self into a project.

You've not been afraid to dream. You put effort into those lofty ideas and brought them to life.
Nothing seemed to hold you back -- you have made goals and achieved them -- you have always been pursuing a good end -- whether it was the Naval academy -- cutting an album -- sports or your career goals in medicine.

But what makes this momma heart proudest is that you are still the same caring, sensitive, loving man as the young boy I raised.  You bring that dimension to medicine.  That's what makes you the wonderful doctor that you are.

Watching you with Clara gives me such joy -- knowing your love for children -- she's one lucky little girl to have you for her Daddy.

Thankful that you call me Mom.


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