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Friday, November 6, 2015

Thankful for Katie

times I spend with you - I find myself laughing and having such a great time. I love the traditions we're building of IKEA trips, rushing the grocery checker to see which of us can pay first, and hot dogs from QT.

You bring to our family such a strong sense of nurture.  That's what makes you a good nurse and wonderful wife and mother.  You are the "real deal!"

You've been in our family since early 2009 when you were the "girlfriend we heard about that Christmas, but didn't get to meet".  Sure enough you were the wonderful person Marshall described and so much more.

I remember telling you one day, "you 'get' Marshall".  You believe in his dreams, understand his calling and get his sense of tease and humor.  You two are a team!!!
I remember before you were married, you talked about being a triplet and said, "It was never about 'me' - it was always about 'we' ."  That impressed me and I see that in the way that you put others needs as necessary and important.

You are Clara's special blessing -- and our's as well.  We love you Katie Bell!

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