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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thankful for Bethany

To say Bethany is a delight is an understatement.
This woman lights up a room with her smile and her contagious laughter.  She's the optimistic - "you can do this" gal.
She is the patient mom who gives her children stability and security by helping them know first that they are loved and second that "mommy's got this." while they grow and develop in the ways best for them.  They know that Mom will stand by her rules - giving them that hedge of protection.

In her children I can see parts of her as a child --
The strength and strong will of Campbell - she would set her goals and work hard to achieve them
The cuddling loving nature of Sydney - S wags her baby everywhere and talks to it in sweet tones like I hear B talk to her kids

The sweetness and impishness of Jack - He's ready for action as was Bethany.  She started each day with "what are we going to do today, Mom?"

Bethany can take a maddening mom day and find something funny in it to tell later.  Like the Bell's she can tell a great story.
When she's faced trials in her life and Bethany relies on her deep faith to work it through.  She equips herself with as much knowledge as she can on an issue and makes careful decisions. 

She's the one I bounce things off of to see if it'll fly.

She's my "party" girl who loves to celebrate everybody's sucesses and holidays at her house having every detail covered and every single person's needs are met.
Through this recent ordeal of their house fiasco -- she would say, "it is what it is".  "just think - we'll have something nice when this is all over"  "so many people all over the world don't have what we have"-- she even convinced her kids that eating on a table cloth on the kitchen floor was an adventure  like camping out when the kitchen was all but gutted.

God blessed us richly when He opened doors for you to move back to Tulsa, sweet baby girl!
Your Dad and I are so proud of you.
We thank Him for bringing you into our lives 35 years ago.

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