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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thankful for Clara

Oh, sweet baby Clara -- we haven't known you but just a few weeks - but love you so much already.  

You come from a long line of beautiful, strong women.

Here you are with your great grandmother, Jeanette -- Your momma's grandma.
If she and your momma have any say in it -- you'll be a Packers fan!!!

So thankful for the blessing you are to our Bell / Good Family. You have 3 adoring cousins who can't wait to romp with you and love on you. 

Job shadowing early -- learning the ropes from the best!

Pappa and I are thankful for gift you've been to us in this season of our lives.  
"We are sooo blessed" we say to each other every day as we think about our children and our grandbabies!  

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