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Monday, November 9, 2015

Thankful for Jack

OOOOH Jackers!

You are the happy boy who has been through some real tests already in your young life!

You have been the bright spot who kept us grinning when we were glum from treatments and fatigue.

You are enlarging your circle now to include us -- reaching for Papa and me -- but still making Mommy and Daddy your first choice.

You are the giggler -- the grinner and the one who LOVES to watch Papa's rough and tumble with Sydney and Campbell.  Your sisters love teaching you the ropes!

We have seen the bigger picture of life this year as we watched you move from infancy to a toddler who can propel himself across the room so quickly with a one-legged crawl / sprint

Anyone who looks at you is captured by your big blue eyes and contagious laugh.


You are a blessing -- and we're so thankful you came into our lives 15 months ago!

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