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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful . . . WATER!!

OK -- it seems every couple of days - my thankful is something earthy and practical -- so here goes.

This morning as I was seeing the cable repairman out the door -- his parting words were "There's a big water leak down the street."

At that neighbors started coming out of their houses -- City of Tulsa workers were shutting off water mains and going door to door to tell us 4-8 hours.

Hmm -- the only part of my T'giving baking that needs water is the jello --for cranberry salad.

I guess my shower will be wet wipes and we'll potty at QuikTrip a mile down the street.

Some people have to carry all their water -- and boil it to make it drinkable.  I think we can hold on here for 4-8 hours.

So glad for the modern convenience of water that's always available with the turn of my tap.

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