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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cancer - Where's it Coming From?

Finished 3 out of 4 of the mean nasty ones!

OK -- it's time we address this whole Breast Cancer issue--- WHAT IS GOING ON IF 1 out of 8 women have breast cancer?  WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM?

I know that the warnings have been out there for years about hormone replacement therapies and the risks involved.

I took hormonoes for 28 years.At 29 I had a metroplasty (basically had my uterus rebuilt) - to be able to carry children full-term and delivered by two C-sections.    I had a mass on the one ovary, had to have a hysterectomy at 35 and by 37 the ovary I had left was to cover my needs but it didn't.  Hormones improved my quality of life.

As a young mother of a 5 yr. old and a 7 yr. old -- sleep was vital  and something to keep me feeling
like a whole person was necessary. It kept my from going psycho on my family and we were all happier campers.  My doctors assured me that the dosage was safe -- and even in my later years the small dosage with no history of breast cancer it was believed that I would be in the clear.

Early on in medical school Marshall begged me to get off them -- but I insisted my doctors said I was fine.

I take full responsibility -- I needed my energy and sense of well-being that having adequate estrogen provided.

I always kept up my mammograms.  YEARLY since I was about 40.  Even in the past 10 years -- there were suspicious ones that the Breast Center would call me back for a diagnostic evaluation and I always came out clear.  Whenver something felt out of the ordinary -- I would check with my doctor.

My present situation began to become evident in late June -- Aug. 1 it was still sensitive and I saw my Gynecologist -- who reccomened me for a diagnostic mammogram.  They felt it was just dense tissue
and would see me in 6 months.  I was due for a yearly in 3 months I reminded them-- so they decided it wouldn't hurt to move it up.  That test showed something suspicious and called for a needle biopsy which revealed the cancer and I got the results while I was a school.

My breast surgeon -- called mine "sneaky" -- said I'd had it for a long time.  That my tissue was dense and it was hard to see.  Estrogen makes your breast tissue denser.  When I asked her if I caused this her answer "maybe".   (soft way to keep me off the guilt wagon)
Bethany looked at me squarely and said,
"Doesn't matter mom -- IT IS WHAT IT IS -- we are going to conquer this."

It's about doing your research - learning all you can - self advocate.

Girls -- do your monthly self-exams.

Watch the chemicals you are taking in foods AND be careful of supplements and OTC even herbals that are not always regulated and clearly checked.  I applaud you young moms who are watching the perservatives in foods and going organic.  SOMETHING in our world is making us sicker.

Get re-checks and second opinions.  Find a physician you can relate to.

When we asked our oncologist today about a new drug that Pfizer came out with on Tuesday he still called mine in the early stages (I thought Stage 3 wasn't so early)  But it was GOOD to hear.  He said the new drug is for those that have matastisized and nothing else will work.  He said I didn't fit that category.

I'm done with treatment #3 -- one more of the nasty ones that kill good and bad cells to get at the cancer.  They tell me the last 12 aren't so bad on your body -- just make you tired and achy.

I have to tell you when I hear the news of someone else with the C word -- my heart melts.
Thankful for Healing!

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