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Monday, February 16, 2015

I guess I'm beginning to get it - when you are at the Nadir point -- you are susceptible to lots of germs out there.  It seems that at every Nadir point -- I catch something or have to deal with something that doesn't want to clear up.
My students have been coming down with strep, colds and all the other germs that are out there.
I try to stay out of their space and not get "up close and personal".   The past few days at school I've been more aware of students who were "germy".

I always claim the verse Lord, "you are my shield and defense". -

 When trees started pollinating - I assumed that my sinus problem was due to allergies. By Friday it felt like I was on the verge of something. . .  like a head cold -- by Sunday morning I began to feel flu -like. Before I can take much medicine I have to check with the Cancer Institute -- they said it was time to get a flu screeening.
Didn't have the flu - thank you Jesus -- just an upper respiratory infection -- to be safe they put me on Tamiflu and a z-pack.  Not used to having to take so many precautions or medicine.

However, since I'm out there with all the germs -- I'd say staying clear of it all as long as I have is pretty remarkable.
So for now - I'm taking extra naps, drinking lots of fluids.

We were still able to get in a sleepover with the 3 little Goods, anyway, while their mommy and daddy were out of town.  The girls hadn't been able to come since I started treatments.  With Mon / Tues being off school - I figured we could manage.  Terry and I tag-teamed it.  Couldn't have done it without him.

That was the best medicine!!!

This little guy had about an hour of settling in -- i.e. crying full pitch (think it was his reflux) -- after that he grinned the whole time.  What a sweetheart  #thosebigeyesgethimwhateverhewants#

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