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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Sunday afternoon the kids headed over when Sydney woke up. She and Campbell wanted their tea party as soon as they hit the door.  I had  made some chocolate mini muffins.  I knew those would fit perfectly on the tiny plates to theFisher Price tea set of their momma's.

After they got home, Bethany texted and asked if the tea was caffienated -- I assured her it wasn't -- as they were wired and giggly for the longest time -- 'guess it was all the chocolate muffins they ate.  That's why Nanas and Pappas send grandkids home. LOL

Speaking of Sydney . . . she's come into her own two-yr. old self these past few days.  She took to potty training in a hurry letting everyone know early that she could do it herself.  With an infant, and independent two yr. old and a preschooler -- Bethany is always on the move.

I got to go to visit the girls at dance.  Campbell's Jazz walk is a  "show -stopper"

The other night, after asking to sleep in Campbell's bed - Syd got herself up at 2:30 am and started having a dress-up party.  Finding all sorts of Campbell's outgrown legwarmers and shoes  in the closet, she put  them on to dress up like her mommy.  She found a bright pink shoe and an old tennis shoe of C's and decided she had herself some new shoes and proudly wears them. EVERYWHERE!

She's an adventurer and likes to go exploring.--moving quickly on her scooter.
Pappa is still her favorite and they are best buddies - her favorite games with him are "jumpy jumpy" and "swingy swingy"


It is so much fun to watch the two girls enjoy their sister times. - Campbell gets to boss only if it is on Sydney's agenda and something she wants to do.

Sweet Baby Jack is full of grins and lets himself be cuddled by his big sis.  Campbell is so good with him and enjoys making him grin.  Poor little guy has been having the worst time with Reflux and tomorrow they'll do more testing.

Those three little Goods are GOOD Rx.  They put everything in the right perspective.

Yep, it's true: " A cheerful heart is good medicine"  Prov. 17:22

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