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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Team Work

During the past 6-7 months after Terry's suspicious nodule on his Thryoid when the doctors were looking at possible cancer there as well as my cancer diagnosis - people would say -- "can you believe it??? the two of you with "shaky" biopsy reports 10 minutes apart???  One person even said, "You two are such a team -- it's good you're both facing similar things." REALLY?

It made me think of the verse -- If one can chase a thousand, two can chase ten thousands

Campbell asked me yesterday morning when she discovered that we'd left Papa at the hospital and I had slept over at their house - "Why is Papa in the hospital?"

I told her - I stayed in the hospital two weeks ago on Monday night - now it's Papa's turn to spend a Monday night there.
Now you know why our g'kids give such off-the-wall responses.  They get it from their Nana.

Terry's pain and breathing had worsened considerably the past 2-3 weeks-- I tried to talk him out of preaching on Sunday morning and he insisted.  I alerted Mondo and every 15 minutes he gave me an update on how T was doing.

Marshall had talked to his Dad on Saturday - and picked up on the pain and discomfort he was feeling.  He, Bethany, Mat and his Dad, a leading Denver pulmonologist, started making a plan.  Bethany came over on Monday checked him out - texted the guys and she took her Dad to Hillcrest South's ER -- where treatment started happening as soon as they got him a bed.

24 hours and lots of tests later -- addressing the extreme pain and inability to breathe -- with heavy steroids, the doctors developed a new game plan.  Last night Terry looked like a new person!
He tells me that with all the steroids and wires -- he was totally "wired" last night -- couldn't sleep so he caught up on his on-line teaching.  I can't imagine since one finger had the pulse-ox monitor on it,  typing with one finger - or left hand part of the time.

God is good -- his heart and lungs are looking strong (a problem with RA) -- but now step #2 is to take care of RA pain management which they addressed last night with a different medication.

I could see Terry start to relax at the hospital when he could see that not only was he in God's hands, but our kids had everything under control -- Bethany insisted that he was "off duty" with taking care of me -- he realized that he NEEDED to be there and stay the night.
The caregiver that he is,  as soon as we got him to the ER he was insisting that we gals leave him there and both get home -- 
WHAT KIND OF PERSON JUST DUMPS THEIR PEOPLE AT THE EMERGENCY ROOM???  Besides that, I always have 1000 questions I need answers for.  I wanted us to get to the bottom of these health problems.

 It's been hot here in Tulsa with high humidity.  Sydney has been going around talking about making winter and when I woke up at their house on Tuesday morning she was wearing snowman pajamas - talking of winter.
She belted out "Frosty the Snowman" most of the day on Tuesday.  
You know it's steamy when the toddlers are longing for colder days.

Jack stays a happy camper through the whole thing!
Can't believe he'll be a year old next week!  Don't know where the time has gone

Someone asked Bethany yesterday about 3 preschoolers, and running back and forth to the hospital -- she said, "Oh, I have 5 kids" -- including her dad and me as #4 & 5.

We know that God is in the details.  The timing was HIS, the protection and safety was HIS, the medical team HE sent our way was excellent!  We feel so protected -- and guided by the wisdom HE's giving.

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