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Monday, July 6, 2015


They call it "nesting" when a soon-to-deliver pregnant mommy gets a second wind and gets her house ready and does all sorts of things to prepare for her new life.  I guess that's what I'm doing -- pre-surgery.

> doing lots of laundry -
> setting up a new bed and finding the right size bedding
> cleaning like a crazy woman - with help from Domesticade -- thank you to this company that donates to cancer victims
> sorting / tossing / giving away things we haven't used in over a year
> made the little bag for post-surgery drains.

Today Bethany and her three little "Goodlets" came out to school to help me set up my classroom for 2015-2016 - since lifting desks and tables can't be on my schedule for some time. 

The girls had all sorts of questions:

Sydney had to check out the bathroom and try out big student desks

Campbell wondered where the boys and girls had snack time and art time and why did they have to sit in such big desks that were connected to the chair?

C wondered if I had all girls in my class or did I have boys?

What were those bells that kept ringing for? 
They weren't sure why there was a refrigerator and oven in my classroom (I'm in the foods lab)

Syd kept thinking the Ram was an Elephant.

No, you can't ride the Ram.

Why?  The Ram might break.

Jack roamed the room and loved the extra crawling space.

That took a huge load off - just knowing that my room is set up- student ready for 31 anxious-to-learn
high schoolers.

I've taken care of pre-op, EKG, blood work, chest x-ray, rehab visit to learn all about the danger of lymphadema.  

Right now, I have so much reading to do in order to remember all the things I've been told pre-surgery.

Never mind that summer school was in session -- Jack loved this long crawl  -- we could be heard down the entire hallway

As we drove off Sydney wailed "I want to go to high school"-
Bethany reminded her that she was hungry and they weren't serving food today in high school that was all it took!

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