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Sunday, July 19, 2015


IT'S DAY 6! 

 I'm ready for the healing to be over with and things to return to normal -- still having to take pain meds round the clock b/c my chest feels like I'm in a vice grip that is extra tight.  

You know the old saying -- "don't wear out your welcome" -- I don't want to wear out my welcome here at the Bell Rehab Hotel -- I have the very BEST caregiver--- TERRY ROCKS-- but -- this is the day that everything makes me irritable -- time to get out my Bible and feed my spirit with a strong dose of the Word b/c this sister here is getting pretty cranky. (Just a warning to anyone who comes around -- LOL)  
I know it will all be better soon -- but with all the tubes and stitches and scars -- I'm ready for a heavy dose of JOY. .  .  I know where to find it -- so I'll begin with thanking Jesus for ALL the blessings on this Journey. .  .  Listen to some Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin and get my eyes fixed on things above.

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