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Thursday, July 2, 2015


We live off the funny things the girls say for several days -- because Grandkids say the funniest things -- the most precious things.  Terry even interprets what Jack says -- he calls it speaking "Jackaneese" as he gets him to mimic what sounds he's making.

At the end of our last sleepover, Terry asked Sydney, "What was your favorite part of our sleepover?"
S:  "Playing with you" -- that was music to a Papa's ears - who had Helped handstands, tumbled with them and played all sorts of gymnastic games.

Sydney's newest way to get her mom's attention is to loudly say,
"Mommy, look at my face" . . . and then ask her question.  

When Terry got a new sports coat for his birthday
C:  "People will say, 'There goes one good-looking Papa;' "

 At their tea party with Papa -- one morning recently, before breakfast 
C: Papa here's some Camaflogue tea -- pretty accurate descriptive since they were drinking water from the bathroom sink.

A couple of weeks ago at bedtime after - one more song, lots of Bible stories, getting back up to brush teeth and then potty and get a booboo which needed a Doc McStuffin bandaid --
This child who almost fell asleep in her plate at supper, stretched out in her bed -- hands under her head,

S: "I just have one more question, WHY do I have to go to bed?"

Talking to her babysitter the other day noticed that she didn't have a blue "Jan" bracelet for her grandmommas asked,

C: "Aren't you praying for my Nana?"

Being out of preschool for a month seems to have multiplied the questions and right now there are lots of questions about the fourth of July -- Yesterday,  driving up to their house -

C:  We have a flag like you, Nana -- only ours is cleaner.

(Mine has a bronzed look - like it's Early American.)  I explained mine looked antique -- try explaining that to a just turned 5 yr old.

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