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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Learning Patient Patience

Lots of doctor visits this week. . . 

While I've been celebrating good test results, Friday, my oncologist, Dr. Taylor, was very pleased with them as well, said that I'll be coming to see him every three months for several years just to keep tabs on it all.  I wanted a totally clean slate no questions or grey areas possible --no need to come back-- but the journey from here is to trust, live in faith, eat "clean" and WALK, WALK, WALK!

He stressed a heart healthy diet - and walking long and fast enough to get my heart rate up -- (he wouldn't accept my excuse that teachers are always on the move -- said he doubted I got myself worked up into a sweat for an extended time that often in the classroom. (hmm I've had some classes that could get me pretty angry for that long - HA)   He said with breast cancer, walking is one of the best deterrents to keeping it from returning.

SO TODAY:  I TOPPED YESTERDAY'S RECORD AND MADE IT TOTALLY AROUND THE BLOCK!  (yesterday I just got to the end of the block)

Last Monday's visit to Dr. Smith, my surgeon, revealed that there was no starting school on schedule - said I couldn't think about it until I saw her in 4 weeks.  Marinelle has already been planning how she would do that for me -- and came Tuesday to start our lesson plans for those first 4-5 days of launching the semester.  -- CAN YOU BELIEVE HER?
Visits from the three Goodletts are good medicine - they keep us laughing -- and Neena is the only one who can do things for Sydney.  .  .  even now.   Usually this time of year -- I'd be spending mornings in the yard -- and trying to work in as much time as possible with the grandbabies before going back to school.  This staying inside, lying around reading a novel which I haven't in a LONG time-- keeps me healing and gives me back some energy to accomplish a few tasks.  Thanks for the double book, Sharon -- it's another good Rx!)

It's been a good week, visits from sweet friends, the meds have helped to manage the pain -- when it feels like the 800 lb elephant 80 lb baby elephant is sitting on my chest and my underarms feel like I've just pressed them with a steam iron. (Sorry to be so graphic)   -- When women would talk about having pain -- I never knew exactly what type or where it was.

Our sweet friends and Church family have kept us so well-fed the past two weeks. Bethany and Mat started filling the freezer weeks ago with his grilling and her clean-eating recipes. Marinelle and her mother added more to it this week!  Luke, one of our favorite teens, made his specialty pizza for us on Monday night and then drove it over with his Mom (he's just now learning to drive).  WHAT a FUN TREAT!  I feel blessed with all the loving support we've been given these past 8 months!  Sharon, Linda, Leeca, & Geeta have all taken such good care of us.

I'm asking special prayers for Bob with pancreatic cancer - for Debbie with lung cancer who now has a suspicious spot on her spine.  It takes my breath when I hear of people on this journey whose struggle is so difficult.  Please join me in praying for them!

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