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Friday, July 10, 2015

Great News and Glitches

THE GOOD NEWS:  Marshall and Katie's house went on the market on Monday -- 8 showings on Wed. --2 contracts that night -- with a signed contract by Thursday evening!!!

THE GREAT NEWS Baby Bell is at 8 months / 4 pounds 7 oz this morning at the dr. visit!!!  
Due Date:  Sept. 1



Terry and I are taking the last few pre-surgery days to relax and get away.  We were able to get one night at Big Cedar Lodge and then come back Hwy 412 to roam the gorgeous countryside. I wanted to be OUT since I knew I was going to be IN for quite a spell recovering and reconstructing.  Poor Guy will be ready to bust out of there at the end of 6 weeks
Breakfast at Truman's Cafe on the Lake


It was more about the journey than the destination for us:  two soon-to-be-shut-inners.   I didn't want to go to a big city -- stay in a hotel and eat in all the same restaurants we have in Tulsa -- you can stay home and do that.  We came back through Springdale AR and have a very nice room for the remainder of our R & R

GLITCHES:  Yesterday my surgeon's office called to say that they hadn't been able to get authorization on the bi-lateral mastectomy.  If it wasn't approved they would only do a simple or we could cover the second financially ourselves..  I said to her - we'd be putting it to prayer and we believed that God is in the details

I had been praying for guidance -- should we do the simple or double?  I asked God for wisdom.
Terry and I felt that God would be showing us through this authorization process and we were to wait on Him.  

In all of it -- I believed we'd see clearly -- 
The verse I've used as an anchor -- "In repentence and REST is my salvation and in QUIETNESS and TRUST is my strength" -- Isa. 30:15 -- kept me from going screaming yellow bonkers and just gave me a peace about the whole thing.

At 2:00 today the surgeon's assistant called to say that our insurance company in reviewing my case - found that they had made a mistake in their new policy and would be granting authorization to cover the complete surgery.  GOD IS IN THE DETAILS -

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