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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Monday morning with kisses from my family, they wheeled me into the operating room.

When I got there- my surgeon, Dr. Smith, prayed with me before they put me under.  That was a first -- another first -- her office sent flowers that afternoon.

Two little girls and seven big people have been cheering me on this whole time.

Monday night bedtime prayers included Campbell's words . . .

"Dear Jesus
Thank you for making my Nana brave and for letting the doctors and my mommy help her feel better"

It's been a sweet family time -- and we are so touched by their little prayers.  The girls have been worried about surgery -- they don't know what it really is and so Sunday night bedtime was delayed by C's coming downstairs to ask a bazillion questions about surgery. . . . like "what if Nana wakes up during surgery?" -- hmmm good question.

ANOTHER FIRST:  I've never been dismissed from a hospital as quickly as we were yesterday -- we were back home by 9:15.

Pain gets high -- but the meds are working.   Jesus makes it all better.

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