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Monday, July 13, 2015

Show Time!

It's about time for the alarm to ring
'Been awake since 2:30
I figure I'll be sleeping most of the day - might as well get up.  Gotta be at the hospital by 6.

So many "God stops" these past few days.

Getting to be together as family- wish Katie could join us.
The VA operating room shut down- so Marshall got to come in 2 days early

Yesterday's sermon was all about Joy and Nehemiah 8:10 was one of the key passages

Even one of the announcements referred to a passage God used to confirm a blessing 13 years ago when we moved Mom here --the story of Obed Edom.

I love how the Infinite God who is OVERALL - can give a faith touch in those exact places of our heart that mean the most!

God is in the details.

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