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Saturday, May 2, 2015

R & R - Soaking up Family and Sun

Long before any of us heard the word "cancer" and "treatments" and "surgeries" Mat and Bethany gave us our Christmas gift last August.  It was a vacation this next week in Peurta Vijarta - at a vacation Villa they had reserved.  The whole Bell/ Good Clan gets to go be together for one entire week.  I had been saving my personal days -- my school has graciously allowed me to get away for the rest time and to renew my strength this close to the end of school-- the doctor has given me a "get out of jail" card from treatments next week and we're headed for Mexico in the morning - with lots of food warnings and masks.

The past few weeks the fatigue and dizziness have been more intense on days 3-5 -- but ibuprofen helps the body ache. The numbness in my feet has  improved and I can use my fingers much better.

Bethany and the kids dropped me off at TCI for dr. visit and treatment yesterday and I asked Sydney what she was going to do yesterday -- she shot back, "Go to Mexico"  I don't think she even KNOWS what or where MX is -- but she's in!  

We get to celebrate Marshall's 33rd birthday with him and Katie --
Get lots of cuddle time with the kids --
Walk the beach with the kiddos exploring all God's creation and critters -- looking for sand crabs --
Make lots of memories ---
REST up --and RENEW - and READY ourselves for what's ahead.

Jan Good (my son-in-law's mother) is healing well from her surgery and treatments.

God is in the daily and in the details.  HE's the provider of everything -- HE's my healer -- HIS timing is perfect.  

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