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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our Good - Bell Get Away -- 7 Days of R & R in Peurto Viallajarta

Mat and Bethany surprised us before Jack's birth in August of 2014 and said that Christmas for the whole family this year was a family vacation in Puerto Villajarta, MX.  We got our calenders coordinated and May 3 was the time we all found we could go.
This was long before Jan and I had a diagnosis of cancer or Terry had his Thyroid issues.
Little did we know what a welcome respite this whole week would be for the entire family.

Traveling together was lots of fun -- 
Pappa has a way of making every trip an adventure.

Syd never wants to be very far from him

Bethany had been packed for a week, there were snack bags in back packs for each girl.  Syd ate most of hers before we were out of Texas headed for Mexico.
There were plenty of toys for Jack, ipads, stickers, craft packs and color books --- Bethany had been scheduled to shoot a wedding for over a year so had only 3 hours sleep but stayed her same calm self the whole trip.  She and Mat worked so hard to make sure that all of us had all we needed --hosting this family vacation beautifully.
We started texting our CO family as soon as we hit the airport -- they were in an earlier time zone and good naturedly put up with our dozens of texts -- sending pictures of all of us at 5 am.

On the other coast, Marshall was completing his last interview for his 2016-2019 Fellowship in CT surgery.  We didn't hear much from him until all the interviews were over.
He couldn't arrive until Monday afternoon.

Marshall's birthday dinner of steak, prawns asparagus and the most delicious sweet potato / white potato combination
Mat and Bethany had wanted Lobster for his - but it wasn't available in PV -- they had hoped to hire Mariachi singers to come for the evening.  Marshall loved all their plans.  If only we'd found a pinata -- Marshall thinks they should be a part of every celebration where kids are.
Jan's gift to Marshall -- A Harley headband -- I'm thinking it will show up with his surgeon's cap in the OR

Every meal was a feast!  Marco made the most wonderful Mexican breakfasts.  However we did love his pancakes the best!
His appetizers were AWESOME
Our view the whole time.  I sat and watched the coast for hours and found myself  thinking NOTHING
We loved getting time to spend with Marshall and Katie -- we tried to make up names for Baby -- but they weren't super excited about our suggestions.  We also tried to give our input on where we thought they needed to move for Marshall's fellowship next year. That was a decision they had to make by week's end. 

The girls lived in their swimming suits and vests the whole time.

Spa Day for the four Bell/ Good Women --
Pedcure for Katie, Facial for Jan, Massages for B & Me

I loved the time to cuddle with the kids and 
let them play jumpy jumpy off the edge of the pool till I wore out.  Sydney was our early bird, waking up most mornings at 5:15.  Pappa listened for her trying to help everybody else stay asleep.

Jack was such a trooper -- as long as
he had someone to hold him -- he was all giggles and grins
Jack taking Syd's baby captive!  Syd's never far from BABY.

Bethany and Katie take an early monring beach run.

Papa found the best tide pool with crabs -- 

This was the end of Terry's TCC semester so he had to do a lot of grading and he has an on-line class that is ongoing this month -- but he was still able to work in lots of family time.  We had a perfect view from our room.  I had to rest up a lot the first few days -- and by Tues afternoon was able to be in the pool and make it to the beach once.
The trip home on Saturday for Tand me  and on Sunday for Mat, Bethany and the kids meant lots of time in customs at the Houston Airport.  Their's included a runaway two year old -- our's included two hours clearing customs.

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