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Friday, May 15, 2015


Today's treatment and doctor visit took a different turn when I had to have a CAT scan instead of chemo.
I've had shortness of breath and a cough that interferes with my speaking.  Terry has been concerned - so it was a relief to both of us when Julie, the Nurse Practitioner, ordered a scan today with us getting results before we left.  We spent about 6 hours there -- but what a blessing to get test results the same day and on the same co-pay (LOL!!!)
  Best news is that there is no pneumonia and no cancer in the lungs!!! . . . just asthma flaring up -- triggered by all the pollen and mold I assume.

Down in Radiology, one of my nurses mentioned that she was a two-time cancer survivor.

As we waited this morning on our visit with Julie we met Alyce a 70 + volunteer who is also a cancer survivor as of last year. 

She was so chatty -- almost more than I had words for when we came to the physicians waiting room both times.  She told of her church, her dogs she'd adopted, people in her family, how many scarves she'd knitted. 

 When we came back to wait for my CAT scan results Alyce was still at her post and told us that her doctor had just sent word to her that he wanted her to come back into his office today while she was on duty for a consult. She wasn't sure what it was for -- but had some tests last week. Her husband arrived as we were waiting to join her for this doctor visit.  As she left her doctor visit,  she joined us a third time and mentioned that her cancer has resurfaced and she was going back into treatment.

As she left I promised we'd be praying for her.  She genuinely seemed grateful.

It was only after she left, that Julie came with our results.

I'm glad our paths crossed Alyce's today.  
I'm adding her to my "Cancer Kickers" list.

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