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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, Marshall T

I found this Sonagram picture in my album of 33+ years ago during my pregnancy with you.
This was our Christmas present to our family in 1981 -- a picture of their grandson!

On the first day of chemo - I got this picture on my phone from you, Marsh.

At the end of all of this journey a precious treasure awaits us as we welcome -- little Miss Bell!

That day I had just counted up the weeks of treatment, surgery, recuperation, radiation and thought that's 9 months!  A woman could have a baby in that amount of time!!!

Marshall you have given us so many reasons to laugh -- you were always quick on the comeback!  You were always the center of lots of activity.

You always had a thousand questions -- "If God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit got in a race -- who would win?" 

You give us insight and we love your sense of adventure.  You've always found some where in the world to go study.

I have so appreciated your counsel and listening ear --- I find you stop to carefully answer me - when I'm rambling on and on.

As you await God's greatest treasure on Sept. 1, we want you know what a treasure you have been to your Dad and me.

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