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Friday, May 22, 2015


Treatment #14 today -- Got a 3 week delay in surgery date -- since

 we suspended treatment last week for the CAT scan of my lungs

I tried to counter the plan but 3 doctors have to coordinate the 

whole process.--(does that make me a 'control freak?' ) 

I know God is in the details --

When I think about the fact that putting it off that long would 

allow time to rebuild strength and stamina - plus enjoy some relax 

time with family. .  .  

It would be 4 weeks to the day before school starts --

The healing time is 6 weeks and then radiation for 6 more --

But in the middle of all that healing -- we are welcoming a new 

baby girl into our family!!!

I'm feeling calm about the process -- but in the middle of all of that 

I KNOW -- God is in the details --

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