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Friday, May 29, 2015

Chance Encounters

      You know those times you are headed out between one errand and the next --about to get to your car with only a few minutes to spare and as you get closer, someone is between you and your auto.  I looked at her and have to admit I am thinking, "Wonder what she is raising money for?"  It was clear she wasn't going anywhere.

She said, "I'm locked out of my car" OKAY -- I glanced at the car -- registration for this van as a cab and a BIBLE on the console between the seats -- I assumed she was on the up and up and so I was safe.   I asked her if she was a taxi driver -- she explained her husband was and lets her drive his van.  HMMMM and now  she was locked out of HIS car.
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I remembered the tool kit that Terry had put in my car a long time ago and the fact that I always have lots of extras (and JUNK)in my back seat.   We used a bungee cord I found and a screw driver from the handy dandy kit --she was able to wedge the window open further with it and drop the bungee cord in -- we used my lanyard with a hook on it -- There were some cable ties -- I tried to make a hook for the door lock or handle with those.  NOTHING worked. We needed a HANGER

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She went up to another car where the lady locked the car door and ignored her.

She approached another car of four people -- who got busy trying to find her something to help-- NO WIRE HANGERS  -

As we worked to open her car, I told her the story of being locked out of my van in Abilene, TX when the kids were early elementary age and Terry was out of town.  I had run into the neighborhood grocery and left my keys in our locked van.  Two policemen stopped by and couldn't unlock it.  Approaching us were two late teens that these policemen had arrested at one time for breaking into cars -- they got us in our car in NO TIME!

I decided to go back into Walgreens to see if they might have a hanger in the break room.  A lady from the car that wanted to help our stranded friend came inside too and said she'd BUY something to open that window--- it was kind of like being in the story of the Good Samaritan (one wanted help -- one didn't). . .  not saying I'm anything in the story but the lady looking for a hanger.  Three Walgreens clerks came to the front to see what the problem was- at the same time we all remembered we were a half block from Yale Cleaners, OF COURSE!!!

It was Friday at 5:00 -- time for EVERYONE in Tulsa to pick up their cleaning -- and get the WRONG items and the Manager had to find them -- and cars were lining up in the drive -- it took a while but --they helped fashion a hook as they handed the hanger over the counter.

By the time I made it back, a young clerk from Walgreens, came out to help bringing all sorts of gadgets--
The hanger worked beautifully -- My new friend was thrilled -- and I told her how happy it made me to see the Bible on her seat -- with an accent from a distant country she explained she went to RHEMA and God was indeed good.  I didn't even  catch her name -- but she is one of God's girls -- that makes her my sister.

Note to Jan:  Keep a clothes hanger in that handy dandy tool kit.

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