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Friday, May 29, 2015


First Fav - today's #`1 Pick -- This week the girls have had swimming lessons at ORU -- it's a long trek for Momma with 3 kids -- up a hill to get to the indoor pool.  Never mind that you're gonna get soaked on the inside -- the downpour on the way to the pool nearly downs you.

Notice the goggles and who is taking care of little sis

Vacation Pics - When your daughter is a photographer, you end up with some great pics -- I got my copies from Bethany this week and I just had to share. .  . I know our trip was 3 weeks ago --- but these need to be a part of my "electronic scrapbook"

Every night we had the most beautiful sunsets

Braving the Surf with Pappa

Papa and his girls -- Sydney wasn't crazy about the ocean-- only if you carried her

Daddy daughter time

Jack was a happy camper the whole week
Sundown dolphin watching 

We're all blessed - can't wait to meet her

Together is the best place to be

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