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Friday, May 22, 2015

"Except you become as a little child" . . . Jesus

Campbell's concept of faith is growing by leaps and bounds . . .

She listens attentively to the Bible stories and then has a bazillion questions -- 

Last Saturday we were playing outside and she picked up a stick -

C:  "Is that the stick that became a snake when that guy picked it up?"  

ME: You mean Moses?

C:  What was that for?
ME: God did miracles when He called Moses to lead his people.  It was so the people would follow God.

C:  What miracles?
ME:  Like the burning bush -- that talked to Moses.

That blew her out of the water

C:  What kind of bush?  
Me:  I don't know-- but it wasn't even burned up.

C: I think it was a holly bush -- (she likes to pull the berries off our's and throw them all over the back yard"

When Bethany picked her up from preschool yesterday -- she said, 

C:  Mom, we learned about this guy named Paul -- he used to be called Saul.  That was when he didn't make good choices.  Mom can we read about him tonight?

AND MOM, we GOTTA read about the burning bush!
B wasn't sure where that came from!

 Image result for moses and the the burning bush

I think I know why Jesus loved to hang out with little ones . . .

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