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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Late this afternoon before leaving school, I wrote my last sub plans of the school year for Sharon.

As I was putting them together, I thought about the fact that I never thought I'd get through this school year way back there at the beginning of January.  I didn't see how I'd stay active the way the first treatments made me feel.  Marinelle and Sharon stepped up and said they'd stand in the gap for me.

BUT HERE WE ARE . . . tomorrow is the last day of school and tomorrow is my 14th chemo.
School is so much easier with chemo when you work with such wonderful friends!

God is my strength . . . and HE's given it in ample supply.

I have had so many prayers, positive encouragement and help from my family and friends!

I saw one of my former principals, Rick Dossett,  at a retirement party at school the other day -- he told me he lights a candle for me at St. Henry's Catholic Church. 

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