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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sydney Kate

Last Wed. was Nana / Papa Camp for Sydney Kate --

Making her little outdoor gnome house

Playing in the sprinkler with Papa

It was delightful to spend time with only her and watch the various parts of her personality.
Her vocabulary is definitely changing and growing -- everything has to be described in a sentence.

Sydney has a strong independent spirit -- it is "Me DO it" whether it's unbuckling the seat belt, struggling with a pair of pants or trying to climb the Little Tykes Jungle Gym in the sand castle.

Before jumping off the board in swimming class.
sitting next to a little guy crying -- Her face says: "I got this "

She has her own name for me "Neena" -- not what we taught Campbell to call me.

She is 2nd born which means she tries harder, can climb higher and watches big sister to learn the ropes  -- then confidently masters whatever the two of them are attempting.

She loves talking to her toys -- even the blocks and has all these nurturing little remarks for them.

Sydney loves to be picked up -- she loves ALL her people --
and she makes you feel that you're the most important person to her. She's a cuddler.

Yesterday Sydney so enjoyed Campbell's birthday and letting her big Sis be in the spotlight all day.  She went around the house singing "Happy Birthday to Campbell"  all day.  This middle child who is so definite about her place -- and impish to the max with a twinkle in her eye -- thoroughly loved her sister's birthday bash.

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