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Friday, June 5, 2015

Celebrations and Graduations

Jack graduated from Helmet school this week -- 2 months early-- no more blue hat for little buddy!

Campbell and Sydney rocked the diving boards and graduated from swimming lessons today.

Several friends were able to join Bethany and I yesterday to lunch out and celebrate my last day of chemo on today (Friday)
as well as cheer the news that we received on Wednesday that the cancer has shrunk again to a few tiny wisps that were visible on the Ultra Sound!!
We Bell / Good women love flowers - Bethany made sure we wore pink, had leis and pink peonies

The girls woke up excited to help Nana ring the bell to graduate from chemo.

Celebrating at Royal Dragon -- The girls love it because of the fish swimming inside

Topping it off with a sweet treat --

True to form we do CELEBRATE our milestones -- Laughter and FOOD is always a part of it.  We like to give blessings and toasts with whatever is in our glass -- 

Joy is a gift from God  with strength as HIS by-product through the difficult times.  Neh. 8:10

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