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Friday, June 5, 2015


 I have seen a lot of the same people on Fridays --
I've gotten attached to the care staff -- they are all extremely attentive and kind.
I recognize several patients from week to week.

Today a woman that I'd not met before, and who comes for monthly treatments, joined me in the orange section of the infusion room.

She noticed I was knitting for Teeny Baby and loved the bright colors --we chit-chatted a bit and then her treatments started.

She was so friendly and engaging.

I watched the tenderness between she and her husband -- I could tell he was preparing for a sermon -- He was so attentive to her.
They laughed about lots of things he was reading on line.  He tried to keep her spirits up.

She heard me tell a nurse that Terry was a Pastor and the reason he always had his computer was he was teaching on line during my treatments - 
She mentioned ministry to me and we talked about the adventure of working with people in their special times. 

I was celebrating my last treatment day -- and the nurses were hugging and congratulating me all over the place.

She was getting several different meds through her port.  I was finishing mine up.

We discussed our disease -- there are so many different cancers affecting women today.

Mine: breast cancer -- with strong belief for healing

Hers: liver cancer -- she'd been in treatment 3 1/2 years.  Cherry said they were working with a new drug.

I'm thinking of her tonight -- adding Cherry to my list of Cancer Kickers -- please join me in praying in agreement for her for her to be healed.  


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