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Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy 5 - Campbell!

The very first day we met you, Campbell, we knew you were curious and your little mind would seek to grasp everything it could.  When you were first born you looked us all carefully and gave us that steady gaze that you use when you study everything so carefully!

Your first birthday was a big celebration -- I know you'll see lots of pictures of it -- All your family was there -- and lots of families and little ones.  Grammy and Grandad and Uncle Marshall and Aunt Katie got there in time for the big Celebration.

You had just moved to Tulsa when your second birthday rolled around and you weren't quite sure of all 50 people singing "Happy Birthday" to you -- Papa and I  were your safe place.

We love our Saturday night sleepovers when you would come to Church with us singing all the way!

You've loved being a big sister and I heard you say last night before you blew out your candles -- how very much you loved Sydney.
Jack lights up and laughs whenever he sees you!  You're so gentle with him.
You are such a nurturer to anyone who has a boo boo - you're quick with the band aids --even at 3 you would check out my broken ankle and give it kisses.

I love sharing birthday season with you!

You love dress up,whether its a princess, superhero, fancy spider or sheriff  -

You are such a good runner and love to be outside  -- 

You have already started running with your mommy and daddy.

Yes, you're 5 now and . . . 

You help us all see the world from a new perspective!

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