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Sunday, March 15, 2015

We've gotten the first primary biopsy results from Terry's thyroidectomy -the tumor shows as benign - in two weeks we will have the complete results.  He had some heart issues they had to check out before they would do the surgery (really high blood pressure- irregular heartbeat and pulse) -- but late Wed. afternoon he was cleared for surgery on Thursday morning and by 4:45 Terry left to go set up for Kids University and worked there until almost 10 pm.  I wasn't too keen on his pushing so hard after the heart tests and high blood pressure -- but he was NOT going to cancel on the children or his Interns since we'd been out the week before for snow and this week would be a recovery week for him.

Katie arrived from Denver Wed. morn - Bethany and the kids picked her up at the airport and the girls have been tag-teaming taking care of us and have been going 90 mph since.   Bethany got Terry released on Friday about noon and got him settled in at the house while Katie took me to chemo #6 and on a few errands.

We've spent lots of time in the kitchen -- Katie came with lots of meals in mind that she wanted to prepare for us for the coming days -- so much yummy food!  We've talked -- she's done all the entrees and I've been the chatter box in the way. LOL!

We two Bell women fight over who is going to pay for the groceries -- she has a way of slipping her debit card in before I can slide mine -- so I try to devise all sorts of ways to out wit her.  (sending her on a pretzel search for me the morning before chemo - while I paid)  Any one passing Braum's on yesterday would have seen me trying to race her to get to the chicken grillers before she could get them to the check out - score one for Katie.  No sure what that looked like -- a 60-something gal in a hat - trying to outrace a cute 30-something. 

It has been special family time -- good medicine for T and Me. We three Bell/ Good women got in lots of catching up talk time at the hospital and lots of time with our little ones in the evening. Yesterday Campbell got to stay over and decorate Easter cookies with Aunt Katie and help me put up the Easter decorations around the house while Sydney and Jack went home for a nap.  As soon as she found out that I was going to be on Spring Break -- she began asking for a sleepover.

The girls are getting used to my bald head -- I've always kept it covered around them -- But Campbell looked at my wig and said "Nana your hair grew back"  I took it off to show it wasn't back yet.  She understands that my baldness is a sign the medicine is working on my "boo boo" and by fireworks time on the 4th of July my hair should be
popping out.

-- Sydney isn't sure what to think --looking at my bald head said - "Neena, (independent Sydney has her OWN name for me) take off that hat!"

It's all good here -- living, loving and healing because of God's good grace.  I did the math and time-wise I'm HALF-WAY THROUGH-- 5 MONTHS OF TREATMENTS -- 2 1/2 months down!!!  - 10 more treatments - one a week now -- but I love the thought of being halfway to the finish line.

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