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Friday, March 6, 2015


This little giggler keeps us laughing.

It had been over a week since we've been with the kids so when Bethany called yesterday and asked me if I'd like to meet them for a quick bite of lunch on my "snow day"  I jumped at the chance.  The girls of course wondered where Papa was -- since he couldn't join us because of a meeting --  Busting out of "cabin fever" -- Sydney fever and virus-free -- Jack's 7 mo. birthday were all things  to celebrate.

Sydney is so taken with her Papa -- the other day she came out with her purse on her arm and informed her mom that she was going on a date with her Papa.

Last week, when S couldn't figure out a game she got at the Dentist office -- she ran upstairs to get her SUPER GIRL cape to help "conquer" it.

Campbell's little mind is always working and we can see her thoughts processing / wheels turning as she is standing there in front of us
C:  I want to meet Dr. Suess
Her Momma:  Well, Dr. Suess is dead.
C: Oh no --- and I never got to meet him. (clearly distraught!)

Her Momma: I never got to meet him either --
C:  When Did he die?  --
Her Momma: I don't know you'll have to ask Nana.
C:  She won't know -- she only knows about Jesus!

I guessed the correct decade-  and promptly googled him to learn as much as I could -- just in case I get asked!

Earlier in the week -- she told her momma - she couldn't wait for Jesus to die on the cross -- Bethany explained that had already happened -- A little disappointed that she missed it and at the same time -- her wheels were turning -- trying to figure out where Jesus and the dinosaurs fit into a time line. ..  
Look out, Jack -- Read the shirt -- it says "BOSS" -- you're in trouble buddy

Jack's jump up swing has been great past time for him -- because he can watch the girls -- grin and giggle and feel a bit independent.  The other day Bethany walked by to see Sydney give him a big push -- and a few minutes later overhead the girls arguing as to who could push him the furthest -- at that momma rescued Jack and the girls spent a little time in "time - out" learning about brother safety while Jack giggled and grinned at the whole event.

Hoping Today's treatment will be easier like the nurses and patients have said -- but knowing that

I am richly blessed and healing well 
These little "JOYMAKERS" sweeten the journey.  So thankful they are just down the road!

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