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Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Beautiful Day For Bethany McCleod and Andrew Thompson

Three GOOD Men
The weather was perfect and the couple is special to all of us, Bethany McCleod has been Bethany and Mat's baby sitter for the past 2  1/2 years and has become family to us. . . but especially three little Goods.
She and her groom, Andrew Thompson are a precious young couple with a bright future.
Campbell, Sydney and Jack were all asked to participate in their wedding.  Grandad and Grammy Good happened to be in town this weekend and he came along as the second shooter for the wedding.
One of the sweetest sights was when Jim was helping with the post wedding shots with Jack asleep on his shoulder and taking the additional pictures - Jack's little head bobbing up and down.
Ready and Waiting

While Mommy was busy as wedding photographer the whole morning -- Daddy tended the little ones -

Our Three Girls
Ring Bearer and two beautiful flower girls ready to get things going!

Sydney bolts -- this is too much for her!  
She wanted Momma --so Daddy spent the entire  wedding keeping her happy elsewhere.

Campbell doing her part beautifully!!!

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