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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Angels Standing in My Gap -

One of the things that kept me awake at night during all of December was  the question -what was I going to do about teaching?  In answer to my pleas and prayers -- ALRIGHT WORRY -- both of these sweet friends contacted me to let me know they were ready to fill in all the gaps that my treatments would create.
NOW -- finding just the right person could only be a God - gift.  I had promised my students right before we left for the Christmas holidays that life would go on as usual -- no interuptions -- not knowing for sure what that would mean. . . I told them we would have the best teachers to take my place.

AND WE DO!!! Long-time friends and Family and Consumer Science Teachers -- whom I've taught with over the years.

Sharon Bennett was my mentor as I started at OHS in 2000 - with a broken ankle -- in a wheel chair. .  I remember her trying to work out ways to make it easier for me.
I watched her work during that year -- even though she was retiring -- she was tireless in her efforts to create great lessons for her students in the new group she was given.  She loves students and teaching is her life -- I know that if there is a gap in my plans for the hour -- she can create interesting discussions for the students. Sharon enjoys high schoolers -- even the rambunctious ones-- and the kids love her!   She has been covering these winter months and will continue during the Spring on alternate times with Marinelle McPherson.
Even though Sharon was booked for the Ag class -- when our bad weather hit this week -- she was already trying to figure out a way we could keep Marinelle off the bad roads and she could get to my class to help.  She was already working on that before I could get my head around it --WHO DOES THAT?

Marinelle and I taught together for 13 years and our principal called us clones -- we COULD finish each other's sentences.  She is coming in from Lake Eufala to cover three March days and April and May times when I have to be out. We got to catch up Thursday night when she came for a "sleepover" before she taught for me on Friday.  We text back and forth often.  I hate this since she is two hours away but she has insisted it's no trouble to do this  -- THOUGH IT IS A LOT OF TROUBLE --  WHO DOES THAT?  She is a pro and able to create a sense of calm in the classroom and also fill in the blank spots of something I forgot in planning.  I've asked her to teach her specialty the first week of May - parenting and child development --when I have to be out the whole week.

I am so in debt to these two women -- I dreaded the thought of 18 different subs -- and chaos every time I would return from treatments.  My students love these two women -- they tell me "They ROCK!"  

I've shared over and over the gifts God has sent my way -- THESE TWO ARE AT THE TOP OF MY BLESSING LIST!!!  Not only are they teaching for me -- but are praying in my behalf and have put me on the prayer lists at their churches.

Every good and perfect gift - comes down from the Father of Lights -- James 

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