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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Marshall, came in from Denver on Tuesday about three hours after we got to KC.

Monday night he had been at the hospital on a "post-call shift" --left about 10 pm --to get 4 1/2 hours of sleep and then made it back to the hospital to check on his patients. He explained Bethany's situation to his Attending Physician and discovered this doctor's wife had gone through this with their twins. He allowed Marshall to leave right then. He didn't go back to his house -- called me from the hospital and said he was coming also, if we didn't think that would be too overwhelming for Bethany and Mat -- We chose not to tell the kids -- and inwardly knew what a blessing he would be to the both of them. His coming was a welcome surprise.

Marshall had gone to work that morning in scrubs-- grabbed a few more pair for the trip -- didn't even get a coat and started the nine-hour drive. When he arrived dressed like that, we all tried to share clothes -- he insisted that he was comfortable just as he was. He was what we all needed and as we gathered around the dining table on Tuesday night, Bethany thanked her Father God that her family was with her and that her brother had made the trip. Marsh brought such optimism and hope to the whole family.

He took off for home at about 11 am this morning still in scrubs, having borrowed a coat from Mat. He called last night to say he had been pulled over somewhere in Kansas for speeding. He said the officer asked him WHY he was dressed like that -- he explained the situation -- and the officer said his wife had experienced a similar one. He gave him a warning and kindly sent him on his way.

We had prayed for Marshall's safe return. . . and we got even more God used a set of scrubs to open doors and find even yet another person who had endured the same trial.

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