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Thursday, February 4, 2010

BEATING STRONG 130-140 beats/min

Just a quick update -- the doppler reading today for our baby was a very strong 130-140. One technician couldn't be sure if it was Bethany's heartbeat or baby's, which made Bethany anxious -- A second one came in, took the reading and when asked if it was indeed the baby's or Bethany's heart we were hearing -- said "If it was YOUR heart -- we'd have to rush you to ICU." Yes, this is a good strong heartbeat. She's sounds good! What an awesome lady -- she loved on Bethany , gave her a direct line to her personal phone and told her to call and come in any time she felt anxious. I said she wanted to take care of her during this time. Just what this momma and grandmomma needed to hear.
Thank you Lord!

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