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Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy First Birthday, Clara Mary

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl!!

Clara where did the last year go?  

We got to meet you when you were just a week old and this weekend we got to celebrate your first year. . . it seemed to pass so quickly (for Papa and me, anyway).

You have taught your mommy and daddy the ropes as all firstborn newborns do.  You broke them in well.

  You’ve been a good teacher -- with your sweet laid-back spirit and winning smile. you engage everyone with your grin and the twinkle in your eye.

You have grown so quickly and are so in love with people.  You flirt -- You blow kisses, wrinkle up your nose in the cutest way and wave to everyone you meet.

You’ve learned so many words, love to say “da da”  all the time and adore your momma!

Your mommy and daddy couldn’t be more in love  with you!

Your Pappa is your special person and you look for ways to get his attention flashing those cute little eyes.

Clara Mary, your birth brought so much happiness and promise of life and health to all of us.  You are God's grace gift and His reminder of miracles.

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