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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Summer Fav's

These are too good to pass up!!!  I had a hard time picking my summer favs

Clara conquers the stairs
She did it!!!  We gave her carrot bubbles for Easter and that is her big enticer! Can't believe they still have it!
11 months old and getting to see her daddy after about 3 days!!

Too cute and too cool
Can't wait to see this sweetie on her birthday in a couple of weeks!

Marshall makes the milk carton when his mentor can't find him after texting 6 times in 5 minutes and sends out this on an e-mail.
This blog has lots about Sydney -- but she's growing so quickly in her ideas -- these are things I want to remember.  It's fun to watch Sydney's reasoning develop. If she doesn't know the answer to what you are asking -- she comes up with the funniest responses.  
The other day Syd found out there was a swimming pool in our neighborhood and proceeded to tell her mother about it, telling her that Papa and I swim there without our clothes.

Baby Rosie goes everywhere!  When Syd is sad, upset or sleepy -- she looks for Baby Rosie. We have running conversations about her all the time. --
Me:  When is Baby's birthday (her name before she added the Rosie)?
S: July 4
Me:  How old will she be?
S: 5
Me:  So she's older than you?
Sydney was a bit puzzled -- not being up on number sequencing.

Baby Rosie -- sleeps with her "momma" and is talked to continuously all day.  Syd has a whole make believe world that she shares with Bethany.
When Campbell is challenging momma and about to have a melt-down Sydney becomes the perfect polite child -- exactly opposite her sister's drama.  (she has done this since she was about a year old)

The other day I found Sydney sitting on the counter in the bathroom  having an animated conversation with somebody.  I asked her what she was doing and she explained she was teaching her girls how to brush their teeth.  These imaginary friends have different names depending on the day.

For a short week Rosie was named Rosie Matthew Good.  .  . but now she is just Baby Rosie again.

Around here we take Rosie pretty seriously and make sure she's in the car when we head out anywhere. . . it just sweetens the journey. LOL
Helping me at school

Waiting on us at Best Buy
When Sydney was sleeping over the other night -- all by herself -- it seemed as if she was missing her big sis and little brother.
S: Why you don't got any kids?
Me: Your momma and Uncle Marshall are our kids.
and I offered to show her the album of her momma's first year.  Thumbing through the pages she was trying to put it all together.
S:  Who was taking care of me when you were taking care of Momma?

She kept asking when we would be at the end of the book. My guess is -- she wanted her momma to grow up to the mommy she is today.

C won the $13  quadruple dog dare  to taste the jabanero salsa from Uncle Marshall.  
Anyone who talks about building something Campbell immediately gets paper and starts drawing out the plans.

Campbell has entered the world of BIG SCHOOL and has been busy this sumer with camps and pre-K readiness activities.  She is so READY and we are eager to watch her success.

Jack continues to be our EXPLORER --

We had a hard time getting Jack to keep his explorer hard hat on for his birthday -- but his big sis's were only too happy to model it.

We have loved having the girls at KU this summer -- Sydney's first night she worked hard be a big kid just like the others.
Campbell easily connects with all the students who come and is our biggest fan of Kids University.

This is my fav or our four together:

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