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Friday, August 5, 2016

Happy Birthday, Jack

Oh, sweet boy -- how my heart melts when I look at those big blue eyes and precious grin.  Your glasses make you even more adorable.  I was holding you the other night and it took my heart how very handsome you are. Your giggle brings such joy!

You keep us on the move whenever you are here -- even when you are supposed to be sleeping.  You climb to whatever you want.

We heard you in the cabinet next to your pack 'n play finding things -- like the permanent marker you marked yourself up with while we were sound asleep -- once when I checked on you, you had the packing tape dispenser lying beside you in your crib.  Sometimes you wake up singing and talking in the middle of the night -- and our hearts pause to that beautiful melody.

You are the one that wants the cap put back on every tube -- every door shut or things to be set straight.

You want to see how every thing that moves or makes a sound works

You love brushing your teeth and flushing.  

(letting you brush your teeth several times a day was the only way mom could keep your glasses on you.)

Your giggle is infectious and your daddy is your best buddy

You walk in a room and size it up - then push a chair to what you think you need

You and Papa are all about the rough and tumble

You DON'T walk -- you RUN.

It seems you grew so quickly, wanting to keep up with your sisters.  By 18 months you would "whaaa" letting us know that YOU SAW what Campbell and Sydney just got and you wanted one too.

Jack Tucker Good - you want to sit between Papa and I during dinner and then quickly get on someone's lap so you can eat off their plate.
You weren't quite sure what to do with water balloons -- but quickly learned
I loved it during our sleepover last Friday when it was thundering that you came running,  looking for me -- to sit in MY LAP -- no one else would do!

Yes, little buddy, our prayers for you are that God will use you mightily!

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