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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Goodbye Charlie

Terry did the most painful part and spared me that -- I washed up your dog bowl -- put away your dog bed and am going to hide your toy for awhile.  All reminders of the ways you enjoyed life.

I have to admit that your loss, little guy has hit me harder than any other pet we've had. . . . 'could be that is true because you favored me more than Terry most times (He's is the dog whisperer deluxe and other dogs pretty much ignore me)

We reminded each other of dogs who've gone before you -- The infamous Cisco who was brother to our foster daughter Sharon for 19 months -- the Church dog - who interupted many a softball or frisbee game on the church premises where we lived by getting it and running off.  Pooh - our first dog -- Buttercup, of course Maggie, Macey  & Durvey.    BUT YOU -- 

. . . you had so many little unique traits about you.

. . . someone must have fed you ice cream, because whenever we ate it you would go nuts for some.

. . . you coughed and hacked to communicate what you wanted.

. . . you knew exactly when it was snack time at 9:00 before bed -- 

. . . with your deafness you watched Hyder for cues. Hyder looked out for you and made sure you got where you needed to be.

. . . you LOVE the 3 Goodletts and during their sleepovers you would cough and sputter all night until you could get into their room to sleep -- wherever they were, you had to be there. . . . hanging out under the table - hoping to catch their table scraps.

This is so true...: As you got worse, you would bounce back after a rough night.  You seemed like the Eveready Bunny!
If the kids happened to be over you were so ready to play -- jumping up on the couch to watch them in the playroom.

You took the growing cyst in your leg in stride,  but the last 10 days Terry couldn't relieve your suffering.  

You were 16 that makes 112 in dog years -- your time had come -- we just weren't ready for it!

Psalm 36:6 You, Lord, preserve people and animals -- never read that before --  Pope Francis 
feels that dogs will be in the Kingdom of Christ

Heaven is a place where all the dogs you've ever loved run to greet you ...:

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