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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Mathew B. Good

So many memories of the years we've been family . . .

. . .meeting you for the first time after Bethany and Marshall tried to scare you about all my questions - calling me The Inquisitor

. . .all the wonderful meals you've grilled up for our family dinners -- 

. . .your shopping for it, hosting and making sure that every need is met  

. . .chasing all over Chicago with you as B ran the Chicago marathon hopping off and on the L trying to locate her mile markers

. . .your choice of music and 

. . . the family videos you create for our Bell/Good holidays together


We LOVE watching you care for your family  . . .



I love that for the past 6 years you have sung the same song every night to your little ones.

You make adventures for your kiddos like trips to Braum's (I won't remind you of the diaper fiasco) or book trips to Borders

We recognize the sense of teamwork in you two as you raise your little ones.

No matter how hard your day or how weary you are when you come through that door, we see you switch into "daddy mode" and do power hour, meals, baths and bedtimes as if you had all the energy in the world.

It's touching to watch Jackers trail you all over the house the minute he hears you come through the door.

Your life is busy with your responsibilities in the medical field -- you make critical decisions and care for your patients with expertise -- we respect and appreciate the physician you are.  We love hearing people in Tulsa brag on you.  .  . but most of all you're a fantastic father and husband.

We are so glad these past 12 years you have been a part of our family circle. Happy Birthday, Mat!

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