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Sunday, September 4, 2016

A New Day

In the aftermath of cancer - one truth has become clearer and more evident.  We are not certain of the time that we have left on earth.  I had lived the past 66 years certain that I would live at least as long as my mother and be the healthy person that I've always been.

Going through cancer has given me the greater appreciation for the days or DAY that I do have.  I have become keenly aware that life can be cut short in a heartbeat - literally.   

I weigh the idea of retiring -- I don't want to miss precious time with the Grands that  I cannot recapture or to miss being with Terry making memories and sharing life.
Is teaching this next generation something of service that Jesus wants me to do.  If so, I want to make sure that from this point on,  I plant the seeds of HOPE deeper in my students.

I look at my Bible and remember the truths that I have learned and taught.  I feel that before I see my Jesus -- I want to soak in more of HIS Word. . . not that I am cramming for a final -- but that there is so much more of it that I want to apply and enjoy and lean on. 

The Psalmist wrote - "Teach us to number our days that we an gain a heart of wisdom."

Someone wrote on her FB status recently --- she didn't plan to get old so quickly.  That struck a chord with me.  Looking back -- marking time -- it has always seemed that everyone else had aged -- but I hadn't.  These last 18 months -- I have definitely felt all 66 of my years.

This morning we sang "It is well with my soul"  - it's an old song -- Every time I sing it -- I recommit to Jesus everything that is unclear and uncertain- knowing that HE's got this.

GOD IS SO GOOD and HE woke me up this morning and that must mean he has something for me to do THIS day.

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