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Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Story

The other night at bedtime – we were reading Bible stories and Campbell said,  

“I want to write a Bible story and have Parker and I in it, playing in Heaven.” 

The Bible stories are so real to her and she lives between the eternal and the now so much of the time as she relates what she just learned in Sunday school. That night, when she saw the Acts 2 story of the apostles with flames of fire on their heads - speaking in other languages -- She said --

 "I want fire on my head, too -- I don't know French and I want to to speak it."

Sydney came home from preschool with this picture of Noah  the other day – when her momma asked her what it was – she said --

"It's Papa -- he didn't have a nose or eyes or head and I rainbowed Him one"

This thought has been buzzin' around in my head for the past 3 weeks -- 

What if God were still writing the Book and my story was in it??? 

Growing up in Church we used to sing the old song
this is my story—this is my song
. . . in black and white for the thousands of generations to read??

I like those stories of faith you find in Hebrews 11 –

BUT When you look at the OT people – they were people just like us --- the good the bad and the ugly of their lives it’s all there.
I can identify with those less than perfect people in the Old and New Testament –
What I like is that Jesus takes our stories and finishes them -- HE covers our story with HIS grace --
It's like Heb. 12 calls him "the author and perfector" of our Faith.
I'm countin' on that!!!

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